We are a Digital Agency

We are a group of like minded strategists, creatives, designers, and coders who’ve spent years trying to build better websites. Through that journey we’ve helped many businesses and individuals raise their stature by providing a complete digital presence. We start by analyzing client needs, their market competition and look for opportunities to help those clients lay a path for growth with their websites and digital campaigns. Our services include research, strategy, concept, copywriting, design, execution (build), and optimization via tools like heatmaps and A/B split testing. We also work closely with content marketing, SEO, and Paid Search Partners to provide our clients with complete solution to a website that will make their companies look their best and serve as a platform for growth that delivers conversions and a fast ROI.

Jordan Howard
Managing Director

Our Method


To create an effective digital strategy, we first need to know where we’re starting. First, we’ll do an in-depth analysis of your existing digital presence. This is when we can evaluate your site’s strengths, weaknesses and look for unrealized opportunities. Using heatmaps and analytics, we’ll next check how much traffic your site is getting, where users are clicking and which pages are getting the most views.


After gathering data from your site, together we’ll plan a strategy to tailor a new website that capitalizes on your user’s behavior. For us, it’s not just getting “clicks”– we create plans that inspire and connect with your users while elevating your brand. Likewise, we’ll discuss with you the best way to generate new leads and turn those into conversions – or users who take the next step to interact with your business.


We design all our sites to project the image where you are going. This often includes possible logo redesigns, new fresh photos or illustrations, and videos. We let the core of your business shine through while designing to achieve goals and conversions. We want your website to make an immediate impression on your users so they can distinguish your business from the competitors.


We like attention to detail, and that means when we build your website, our team of expert coders follow proven processes using clean code written to standard. This means more reliable, better performing sites. Our team of experts have honed their skills over many years and continue to study the latest techniques so you get a site that’s built to last.


A different image, headline, call to action or even color of a button can lead to double digit conversion growth. That’s why when we finish pages, we begin optimizing with AB Testing and Heatmaps to make sure we get the best conversion rate possible. We can also add items like exit surveys to tap into customer wants and needs you never even imagined.


Our Work

We’ve been lucky to work with great clients in many countries and love new and interesting projects. Our focus has always been on websites, but as we’ve grown, we’ve come to provide a more complete range of services so that we can service any of our client’s digital needs. Feel free to explore a few our favorite projects below

The digitalONDA Approach

In today’s digital space, having an attractive business website just isn’t enough. Your website should be more than just a brochure for your company – it has the potential to be a powerful platform for your company to expand. This growth can come from a push into new markets or effectively converting interested visitors into real leads. When you work with digitalONDA, you’re getting a dedicated team who will focus on creating a site with a complete digital strategy integrated behind it to generate more business for you. By understanding your business needs, we then create goals and KPIs before we even begin designing a site. Our team works from the ground up to build sites that enhance brand image while delivering a customized website that encourages user engagement. Let our team analyze your site and receive a comprehensive report on where you might see growth on your existing site and what opportunities might lie in a redesign as well.

Our Specialites

Lastest Technology

We use HTML5, CSS3, PHP, AJAX, JAVASCRIPT, JQuery, and a lot more to make great sites.

CRM Intergrations

We make custom CRM integrations from our sites to set off inbound marketing campaigns.

Conversion Optimization

We use A/B Split Testing, Heatmaps, & Click Paths to improve funnels & conversion rates.

Wordpress CMS

We’ve been making custom wordpress sites since we started and are experts in the field.

Designed for Mobile

All of our new sites are designed to a grid to be responsive for a phone, tablet, or desktop.

Great Copy

We love helping our clients get the perfect headlines and call to actions to look their best.


“Jordan and his team at Digital Onda consistently FAR exceed my expectations with each project they do (we’re up to 3 different sites now).  They are quick, affordable, and he brings an online marketing insight that is invaluable for maximizing our sales and conversions online.”

Travis Lee, 3D Mail


“Since revamping our website with DigitalONDA in 2014, our traffic multiplied six times and clients have commented on how amazing our site looks, which has in turn boosted agency bookings. We would highly recommend, and HAVE recommended Jordan @ DigitalONDA to my friends and colleagues.”

Natasha Matallana - Take 3 Talent


“It is easy for me to recommend Digital Onda. We know we have a great quality product and we needed a website that shared that and percieved the same level of quality. Digital Onda achieved that.  Another goal of the new website was to increase sales through multiple bookings. As the guest book tours there is a continuos sutle option to book another tour. We have seen multi bookings at least double since the launch of the new website. Even though the website is completed, Digital Onda continue to support us.”

Stephen Mueller, Vespa Adventures

Looking to grow your business?

Let us have a look at your site. We’ll evaluate the the strength of your current web presence, SEO, and how you measure up to your direct competitors. Additionally, you’ll receive practical suggestions for improving your existing site today.